Indy Racial Equity Pledge

Indiana University Health

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IU Health is committed to the following broad principles to promote diversity, inclusion and health equity:

  • First, we commit to enhancing a culture of inclusion that seeks, welcomes and values all people. We will address and reduce discrimination among team members, patients and guests.

  • Second, we will transform our organization through an active review of policies and procedures that are inconsistent with the goal of making IU Health a more diverse, equitable and anti-discriminatory organization.

  • Third, we commit to building community partnerships to reduce health disparities, impact social determinants of health and build more inclusive communities throughout the state.


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Enhance a culture of inclusion at IU Health.

Focus Areas: Workplace, Health

IU Health will create clear policies and expectations that racist and discriminatory behaviors by individuals (team members, patients, families and external partners) will not be tolerated.



  • IU Health developed and launched a series of diversity and inclusion-based training and expectations for team members. The “A Civil and Respectful Workplace: Building a Strong Affirmative Culture” was launched first and was received positively by team members.

  • IU Health elevated team members’ voices through additional and enhanced Diversity Councils.

  • IU Health boosted support for team members’ racial and ethnic experiences.


  • IU Health has increased the size and capabilities of its Office for Diversity and Inclusion and is introducing civility training/expectations for all team members.


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Transform IU Health into a more diverse, inclusive and anti-discriminatory organization.

Focus Areas: Workplace

IU Health will improve representation among leadership to better reflect the demographics of the communities it serves.



  • IU Health added the position of Director of Diversity Recruiting to ensure a diverse slate of candidates for job positions.

  • IU Health instituted a policy that requires a diverse slate of candidates for senior leadership positions. We have begun with the vice president level and above and will eventually cascade this policy to directors and managers.

  • IU Health added more checks and balances for leadership accountability.

  • IU Health conducted root cause analysis on ethnic minority turnover and use the data to inform retention strategies.


  • IU Health has identified the baseline demographics of its 2,000+ leaders vs. the population of Indiana and will improve racial/ethnic representation among leadership roles. IU Health is requiring diverse slates of candidates for senior leadership positions. It has also increased opportunities for tuition reimbursement to promote career advancement.


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Build partnerships to reduce healthcare disparities, impact social determinants of health and create more inclusive communities.

Focus Areas: Health, Prosperity, Education

IU Health will build on its vision to make Indiana one of the healthiest states in the country not only by providing quality medical care but also by contributing to known factors of health such as employment, education and workforce development. IU Health will identify and address racial disparities in healthcare access and outcomes.



  • IU Health created the position of Chief Health Equity Officer. This team member will examine IU Health’s internal operations and clinical care through the lens of the diverse patients and communities that IU Health serves; focus on ensuring equitable levels of and access to care, treating people equitably and respectfully according to the IU Health values; and addressing long-standing public health disparities that highlight inequities in healthcare.

  • IU Health increased starting wage levels from $13/hr. to $16/hr. as a pay equity strategy to enable pathways to better jobs.

  • IU Health influenced COVID-19 protocols and equitable rollout plan. IU Health has also addressed vaccine hesitancy and adoption, especially in underserved communities.

  • IU Health deeply embedded diversity, equity and inclusion practices and ideals into the patient experience. Our Voice of the Customer survey panels have diversified, we are expanding our language services strategy and our patient data system gathers a wider variety of information on patients.

  • IU Health invested in youth and young adult initiatives such as supporting the Mosaic Center, launching a partnership with Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School and investing in the Center for Leadership Development.

  • IU Health selected an infant mortality program as the first recipient of the IU Health Foundation Racial Equity Fund.

  • IU Health developed additional supplier diversity tools to enable better decision-making capabilities. IU Health also created the position of Design & Construction Diversity and Inclusion Director to help the system become more intentional about outreach with diverse suppliers.

  • IU Health connected with officials on all government levels to lobby better access to healthcare, increased funding, reduced healthcare inequalities and better investments in public health.


  • IU Health is examining data on disparities in access to care and health outcomes both within its own health system and in communities across Indiana. Current progress includes significant work to address infant mortality in Indiana, which fell to its lowest level last year. IU Health has also identified measurable outcomes to improve access to care among underserved communities.

  • IU Health has increased starting pay rates, initiated a pilot program with Indianapolis Public Schools and Crispus Attucks High School to expand healthcare related jobs for high school graduates and enhanced commitments to minority, women and veteran-owned business (XBE) suppliers. On major capital construction projects, IU Health has committed that 25% of all contracts be awarded to XBE contractors, and it commits to achieving that goal during the construction of its downtown academic medical center in downtown Indianapolis.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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