Indy Racial Equity Pledge

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Pacers Sports & Entertainment stands alongside those fighting against systemic racism and social injustice in our community. We affirm the value and dignity of every person of color. We will be guided by our commitment to equity and responsibility to all marginalized communities to use the power of our organization to find meaningful, measurable solutions to eradicate racism. We acknowledge that we must begin by challenging our own policies, principles, and processes and holding ourselves accountable, just as we must be willing to publicly hold our leaders accountable. Through collective action we will listen, learn, grow, lead, and invest in civic engagement to create a positive sustainable effect on Black lives and communities.


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Investing to Make the Most Equitable Impact

Focus Areas: Education, Healthcare

A majority of our charitable dollars would be directed, or in some cases redirected, to support organizations driving social justice in our community.


We have created a new rubric against which funding decisions are being made by the Pacers Foundation board and our Corporate Contributions Committee, one that focuses largely on supporting social justice efforts. We have also focused on driving intentional generosity in intentional geography, the idea that we need to hone our resources where that help is most needed.


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Supplier Diversity Benefits Everyone

Focus Areas: Workplace

Every member of our organization is participating in mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership training.


We have an extensive leadership training program that every member of our organization is currently involved in, from senior leadership down. It is required, and we also conduct deeper dive sessions to give employees the opportunity to continue the dialogue in a safe space.


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A Social Justice Agenda

Focus Areas: Prosperity, Workplace

Our focus will be on growing supplier diversity with new staff, new policies, and new benchmarks.


We hired our company's first purchasing staff specifically dedicated to creating better equity in our use of vendors and growing our supplier diversity. We have also created new benchmarks against which we will measure our progress, and we will require XBE participation in all of our non-exempt bids moving forward.

Join us in the important work of creating racial equity in Central Indiana.

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